nonpareils and pine needles

This week there've been rainbow birthday sprinkles on the butcher block and fresh tree trimmings on the dining room floor.
The Buckeyes beat Michigan and Tolliver got a new guitar.
Thanksgiving turkey leftovers were turned into sandwiches and soup and there are Hot Wheels stunt tracks snaking across the living room rug.
We filled free days with chapter books and Happy Meals, holiday decorations and dinner at the neighbors', but have since resumed before and after school routines.
And now although December tends to feel full, tries to steal the light from the city, there's plenty of magic in the air.  There are presents to wrap and parties to plan and the floors really need to be swiffered, but we still plan to sit by the fire and sing Christmas carols and carve out a fair amount of cozy down time here.

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Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
I loved the early years when you and your sister helped decorate the Christmas tree...but, your contributions were only from about 5 feet down. And you two always knew if anything was moved while you were sleeping. "Put it back!"
The good news was...we never worried about the tree being "top heavy"...unless one eyed Battlecat climbed it.
Bubble lights too...remember?