biggest brother

Tucker has a deep, abiding empathy for others.  He reads people like he reads books.

And he has a terrific sense of humor.  His ability to recall and retell jokes is almost as strong as his penchant for making up fairly clever original ones.

He's not much of a box checker, but more of a big wonderer.  He definitely has a think-outside-the-box kind of brain.

He is a critical thinker, with a thirst for knowledge that won't quit.  He is constantly questioning the world.

But the world doesn't always have the best questions for him.
He doesn't really care to discuss baseball or soccer, common queries for the seven year old set.
He'd rather talk about magnetic elements or musical octaves, about what kind of birthday cake he wants when he turns eight or which electronic device he hopes to disassemble next.

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rht said...

Sometimes Tucker reminds me of my own wonderful, curious, kind, big brother John.