Leading up to our trip to Poppy's, Tolliver talked about catching snapping turtles to make soup.
Safe on the dock, he and Poppy spotted snapping turtles in the pond, and Poppy got him a turtle kite instead.  There wasn't much wind though, which turned out not to be a problem - they flew it from the dump bed of the gator, going super fast.  And although they did not catch turtles, Tollie did catch bluegill, crappie, catfish and large mouth bass.
Tucker hoped to catch fish, and when he wasn't as successful as he wished, Poppy distracted him with gator driving lessons.  There were also knot tying lessons, and lots of whittling with the knife he built in Poppy's dangerous room last winter.  And Grammy let him have plenty of popsicles.
Tuck taught her to play his current favorite board game, Quarto, and told a million jokes to Poppy, who laughed at all of them.
Hank enjoyed his first trip to Poppy State Park too.  He even took an inaugural bath in the big red tub!

It was not lost on us that while we enjoyed visiting West Virginia, many who live there were working to recover from devastating floods.

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