the darnedest

Tollie still says some funny stuff.  And I still try to write it down when I can.
The first few here are from as far back as early spring, because I haven't compiled a list for awhile...
You know there’s another name for rain clouds?  Columbus.
(Close. Cumulonimbus, actually, but some weeks rain clouds may as well be called Columbus.)

Remember when that tree used to be bald?  Now it has leaves!

Discovering an empty Easter egg, surprisingly not disappointed because, he explained, the egg was full of love air.

My underwear are like butt protectors. Apropos of NOTHING.

Retelling a story: You knowGod’s fork. (Andy eventually figured out he meant Neptune’s trident.)

In reference to a fictional character: He is so daft. 

Perched on the back of the couch, sun streaming in through the window behind him, watching:
Why are you cleaning, Mom? You’re really just whipping up more dust. 

Did you know there’s a school for babies named Hank? It’s in New York City. There’s a boy teacher who's 18, to play with him. And a girl teacher who can milk him.  

Watching The Croods: Mom, when we were all cavemen, I think Dad looked like that guy.

Trying to trouble shoot a new racetrack design: What’s your theory?

To me, yesterday, while we chased bubbles in the front yard:  You should grow a girl baby next. Actually three girls.  If you make bottles, I can help milk them.
Before we'd need to send them to school in NYC, I suppose.


rht said...

Daft?! As in, I'm daft about that kid!?

Andy and Jenni said...

Pretty sure he meant foolish, Mom, not infatuated with ;)

Susan Kadlac said...

I think everyone is foolishly in love with this boy!!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Is Tolliver wearing a SCUBA mask...and carrying a golf club?

Ask him if he feels that might help my swing and game (?) Dick Simpson has started taking my money at Cliffside...I need help.