three months with Hanley

Three months have passed, and a few nicknames for baby brother have been thrown around:
Hankers.  Hankerman.  Hankers away.

Tollie sometimes calls him Hanky Diaper or Hank Ham Sandwich.  I don't really know why.

Andy likes Bubbles or Bubs, because Hank is almost always blowing them.

The boys, moderately disappointed that we did not choose a third "T" name, were at one point determined to call him Tank, which is fairly suitable given his size.

Lately though, we pretty much just call him a good baby.

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rht said...

I love his smiles, and his eyes, and all his names. I love that he sleeps for several consecutive hours most nights, and I love the way he snuggles into my shoulder when he's sleepy. CHB is definitely one of the good guys!