Dirt and Denim

I am not a mom who is fluent in blue and Lego and Tonka and mud. Yet.
But as with any relationship, the reality is that I will learn through experience. 
I want our house to be a place to be, not a place to be stifled or a place to be careful or a place to be bored.
So I welcome the experiences, the chance for him to inquire and explore and the chance for me to learn. 
 I also welcome bathtime.



rht said...

What a great adventure!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
Bathtime/smathtime...just run him through the car wash. Have you let him operate the skid-steer yet?
Please help. Grandma Sandy is out of town...how many shot glasses of coffee should I use to make an 8 cup pot???

The Wendels said...

How fun!

Beth Ann said...

I have learned to repeat this mantra, "It's only dirt/mud/sand/mulch/chalk. It will wash off.." Happy washing and thank goodness for laundry room washtubs that hold children.

Debi said...

May each day be filled with experiences to savor. Probably the greatest education is raising children- there is always something new to learn or explore.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Nikki said...

Welcome to the world of boys. It was new to me too.

Nikki said...
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Adam and Vicky said...

Love the denim and the dirt! Mud pies and worms are fun! It has to be weird to see the yard transform, but what tons of fun. And we know it all cleans. A couple of weeks ago Vanessa's light pink jumpsuit was covered in a dark brown mud, front and back. Thank goodness for OxiClean -- no regrets for that impulsive moment. :)

MzLiz said...

Sticks--the best toys ever. Ross STILL plays with them. Enjoy every minute.

Aunt Linda said...

These are great pics...by the end of the series, it's obvious that Tuck has it all figured out!