On our Toes

He's been saying "dance" for several weeks.  When he hears music, he shouts "dan" and bends his knees and raises his arms and bounces.  He dances in his carseat.  He dances at the library. He dances on his chair.
Even when there is no music, we dance through the days.  Sometimes it feels like the melody is in a minor key, time marked by missteps and strange lurches and dragging lulls. Those are the times we cling to each other, as if hanging on to the bar for balance.  But swaying with joy that is contagious and invigorating, he adds harmony to things, and even through dips and turns I follow his lead to find footing again. 
I find it delightful to adjust my steps to his slower pace.  His curiousity and careful observation help me see things I'd otherwise step on, and together we bump into things I'd never notice through my own focus.  Other times we move swiftly, executing steps with quasi-precision, confident and carefree. We dance through the days, and then the rhythm shifts, my motions feel clumsy, we stumble.  But we’re partners, in a new pattern, and there are still moments of grace.  He twirls me out of darkness and into the sparkling world.
He keeps me on my toes.
My dance card is full.

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Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
CUTE post! I can't wait to see Tucker's new moves.
P.S. My one arm neighbor dances to YMCA. I love West Virgina...this state is more entertaining than ANY circus.

Debi said...

What a cutie!
We dance to the music that we are given and trust God to teach us each new step.
Love and hugs and prayers,