There's a special bond between mother and daughter, one that - from the mothering side - I don't feel quite privy to.
I can plant kisses on her forehead and tuck barrettes into her hair, dress her in skirts that will never twirl and take photographs of her that she won't see.  We won't scrapbook or bake or bicker or vacation.
I can feel the ghost of her lips as a kiss on my cheek and hear happy noises that are no longer words, but she can't stretch her arms around me for a hug or reach for my hand to hold.  We will never gossip or shop or sew or negotiate or garden.
This is not an essay about all the things we won't do, all the purported specialness that's been aborted.
It's just an observation about motherhood, a reassurance that she is, that I am, that we are.  Motherhood can't be reduced to one essential experience, and even with all of our won'ts and nevers, there are moments that say to me "this is it."


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
"Motherhood" is written on your face in the picture. Two beautiful girls!
P.S. I dressed like an I.N.S. agent on Cinco de Mayo. Bad idea...just sayin'.

Beth Ann said...

"This is it" sums it up perfectly! That "this" is different for every mother and every child. It doesn't make your "this" or my "this" any less/more special or meaningful. Today I give thanks for even having a "this" to be a part of both as a mom and a daughter. Happy Mother's Day Jenni. You truly are the best of the best and I want you to know it!

Joyce Donahue said...

Happy Mothers Day to one of the most unique loving moms on earth!

The Wendels said...

I agree...Jenni you are the best of the best!

Debi said...

Beautiful picture of a precious mommy and her daughter.
Praying for many moments of joy in your journey.
Love and hugs and prayers,