Tucker thought it was time to post something.
Much of our time has been spent outside lately, building towers out of empty cans from the recycling bin, and building memories, too.
In the yard we smell flowers together and I feel the graft of our souls growing stronger.
He swings while I scrub outdoor furniture and scour my mind for one more tiny fact to spin a recollection from, sure that something similar was happening this time two years ago.
I watch him throw rocks and try to toss my troubles in conjunction with his release.
When it's time to go inside disappointment settles his lips into a frown and his legs turn to viscous slime.  I pick him up, the warm air clinging to him in a way that reminds me of being little.
Spending time outside is good for many reasons, primarily because my little boy is too big to be inside on the computer anyway.


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
F.Y.I. Tucker has been e-mailing me for about six weeks. At first I was like...WTH? However, when I utilized my Poppy John's Junior Ranger decoder ring...it all made sense. He LOVES you so much. Someday, I picture him using his "one phone call" to call you on Mother's Day.
P.S. I just sent a check to a recent college grad...and knowing him as I do...I assume that he is now "officially" an unemployed alcoholic living with his parents.

Adam and Vicky said...

Oh goodness! Outside it good . . . :)

Debi said...

Glad he is getting off the computer and into the great outdoors! Enjoy your little Tucker man!
Love and hugs and prayers,