The Best Kind of High

We've been running a couple miles, a couple times a week. Today we discovered a park in Marble Cliff that we hadn't noticed before. Celia seemed to appreciate a chance to get out of the jogging stroller and play; she went down the slide - on her bottom, on her back, on her belly - and giggled the whole way down each time. She watched village employees plant lots of fall mums. She made friends with another little girl who was there with her grandma. And, she "flew" from Daddy's arms over and over! (Notice she was dressed for bedtime, and bundled for warmth - it was not our intention to stop and play... but we couldn't resist.)
So, for us this evening a little "runner's high" and for Celia a little "flying high" - endorphins were released and natural euphoria abounds.



rht said...

The smile on my high-flying grandaughter's face is my high for the day!

G 'Ro

Anonymous said...

That is one of the most precious photo's I've seen...sheer happiness all over her face. My husband loved it, too!