Resisting Temptation

Of course, Andy and I find Celia endlessly lovable and fascinating. The temptation, the instinct, is to talk about her, and write about her... What happens to this singularity of focus when the new baby arrives?

We had an ultrasound appointment yesterday; this baby put on a good show. The sole of a foot flashed by, with five tiny toes, a diminutive profile emerged, allowing us to see the baby's sweet face, the heart beat wildly, the mouth opened and closed (Andy's pretty sure
he was saying "O-H") The only thing we didn't explore were the baby's gender "parts." We resisted the temptation to learn this baby's sex - what a fun surprise that will be in March!

And the temptation to share photos of Celia --- irresistible!


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rht said...

IO, Baby Betz! Your big sister will love you enough to share the spotlight -- eventually -- and I will look forward to pictures of both of you.

G 'Ro