What a Rebel

Celia is napping now. On Saturday, after tailgating and a big show of "I'm so tired" we brought her home for a nap, at which point she determined that watching the Buckeye game with Daddy would be far more fun. It was fun, except she was so tired... On Sunday, she skipped her nap again, which made for a fairly cranky little girl. It's Monday now, and her nap strike is over (for today, anyway).
Thank. Goodness.JEB


Grandma Jan said...

Celia looks super cute in hats, scarves and other interesting things on her head! Is Andy going to turn her into a raving Betz Buckeye fan? :)

Grandma Jan

Adam and Vicky said...

This awesomely cute picture of Celia makes it easy to imagine her looking good while riding a Harley. :)