Metropolitan mishap, or not

Sleeping in till nine, pretty weather, and nothing pressing on the agenda combined to result in an impromptu trip to COSI... which is apparently closed on Mondays... and so turned into an impromptu walk around downtown (when we visit COSI, we park at Grant - for free - and walk the 8 or so blocks anyway). So, we just kept walking (after some light refreshments, including grape juice, Kix cereal and raisins), enjoying each others' company, the people watching and the weather.

As mentioned before, Celia is a big fan of water, and these fountains near COSI caught her attention. If it'd been a tad warmer, she'd have been soaking wet.
Ever since Celia joined us, we're full of sopping devotion (to her, and to each other)... She makes our eyes glisten and our lives sparkle.


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Adam and Vicky said...

Way to improvise! And the fountain pic with the skyscrapers as a backdrop is awesome! Celia looks like she's preparing for liftoff! Or perhaps a dive?! :)