Here is how I imagined our Metropolitan Mishap...

I think the best part about digital cameras is that there's no reason to only take a few pictures. In the process of learning about photography I have learned that taking a BUNCH of pictures is really the secret to getting a great photo, assuming you have a willing subject. Sometimes it's only 1 in 100 photos that turn out, but sometimes we do better. Experimenting with different angles and colors, along with my "very willing subject," turned up this gem that I couldn't resist embellishing.


This post and this photo by this guy:


rht said...

Father of Celzilla -- what a guy! You all make me smile!

G 'Ro

Grandma Jan said...

I think those art teachers were wrong when they told me you weren't creative!

Or maybe you just watched too many Godzilla movies when you were little!


Eryn said...

Somehow I just knew you posted this Andy and not Jenni!! A true talent ;)

Adam and Vicky said...

That's too funny!!! And I love how the sun has nostrils, not just a smiley face. :)