Two Dog Night

Well, not really - this evening was one of the mildest Halloweens in recent memory so no need for extra body heat, and we don't allow dogs in our bed anyway, but we did have two good dogs tonight!

And, once she figured out that the lollipops were more fun unwrapped, Celia enjoyed spending part of the evening on the front porch, sucking on candy and watching trick or treaters and visiting with neighbors.

And then it was time to put the dogs to bed...


Kate said...

Sis. Remember the halloween on Fallis when we wrote porcine poems and Colbs was just a puppy?

love you guys

rht said...

I did a little research after my snuggle with the aforementioned dogs... Two Dog Night = an Australian bushman's expression which describes a cold night in terms of the number of drover's dogs he needed to gather to himself for warmth when camping out under the stars on long sheep or cattle drives. A One Dog Night was cold... a Two Dog Night was very cold... and a Three Dog Night was freezing.